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Slope Run


Enjoy a fast-paced game

Do you like thrilling running games? Slope Run will meet your needs because you can steer a rolling ball through space tunnels to avoid plummeting into space's vacuum and discover new planets in this game.

This version is unblocked on any device. You can play it online on our website. It is similar to Terraria, Apple Worm, Temple Of Boom and Guns Of Rage.

What is Slope Run?

You must be familiar with Slope games where you will see the balls move automatically. Players will control them to move as far as possible or reach the destination. Both of these purposes are integrated in the two modes of the game Slope Run. If you find Slope games always have simple graphics, you can try our Slope Run game. You will see 3D graphics with smooth movements of the ball. In addition, the background is also designed with thousands of sparkling stars in the sky. The traps will be difficult and more. It is these things that have attracted a large number of players to this game.

Two modes with different features

To avoid players getting bored, this game is designed with two different modes, Infinite and Level mode. In each mode, you will have your own unique experience. Now let's take a look at some of the key features of these modes.

Infinite Mode

Like the name Infinite Mode, you will immerse yourself in the endless race. There are no stops in this mode, countless platforms will appear in the tunnel. Tracks with different terrain will be integrated in this mode. Be careful with red platforms and slant angles as they can cause your ball to get stuck. The special thing about this mode is that it has a special leaderboard where the players with the highest score in the world are. It is so great! Try to imagine your name appearing in this ranking. So proud! The whole world will know your skills.

Level Mode

Unlike the mode above, your task will be to overcome obstacles to reach the finish line. When playing in this mode, you can discover many new planets with unique branches. You can learn more about these branches by viewing the small map in the corner of the screen. When you reach a certain level, a new branch will be opened. For example, you can open the Shadow branch after passing level 28. With many branches, the terrain as well as the background will be extremely rich.

Slope Run Challenges

The arrow keys can be used to move your ball. To jump and move to the platforms on either side, using the up and right arrow keys, respectively. It is simple to manage.

However, the game's platforms and space holes will provide you with obstacles and tasks. Numerous platforms and space holes of various sizes and shapes can be found. Be careful and become the best slope runner! They will appear continuously on your way. It only takes a few seconds for you to lose the whole game.

The speed of the ball is also one of the reasons why the game is so difficult. The ball will move faster and faster, so you need to react quickly. Can you pass this challenging game? We are waiting for you to respond to our question.

Slope Game Note

Note that there are brown platforms that crumble the moment you touch them. If you don't want the game to end, instantly jump off these flimsy platforms.

When playing the game, just jumping over the traps is not enough. You also have to move left or right skillfully to find the safest route to go. Otherwise, the long gaps may cause you to replay the game.

Shaking the ball in the middle of platforms is recommended by professional players. You can easily move without tipping out of the way.

Calculating the distance between the ball and the traps is extremely important. Once you know the distance, you need to make the ball jump at the right time. Jumping too close or too far can cause the ball to fall into the hole.


Can children play this game?

Yes, it can help them enhance their reflex skills.

Is this game suitable on mobile or desktop?

Yes, you can play this game on all smart devices.

Can I treat this game?

We highly recommend playing this game by your skills. Hope you will like this challenging game.

How to control

  • Press the up arrow key to jump
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move to the two sides.