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Geometry Dash Lite


Be on fun adventures

Let's play Geometry Dash Lite to embark on exhilarating journeys with your character. Control your character to navigate perilous challenges and difficult routes to victory.

Geometry Dash Lite - a fast-paced game

Do you love the feeling of controlling an object running at a fast speed? If yes, the Geometry Dash Lite game will be right for you. Instead of you driving a car, plane, or bicycle, you will navigate a geometric character in this game. Your character will move continuously and automatically. So, you just need to click the left mouse button to jump over the obstacles. Since your geometric figure moves so fast, you don't have much time to observe upcoming obstacles and terrain. Therefore, it is very important to react quickly to all situations.

Many amenities when playing games

  • You can play the Geometry Dash Lite game online. It is not necessary to download this game. It is similar to Football Legends 2019, Apple Worm, Guns Of Rage and io.
  • You can enjoy this game on your mobile phones or desktop. Thanks to HTML5 technology, many players in the world can access this game through their smart devices.
  • On the setting button in the main menu, you can see How to play, login account, volume up or down the game music.

Guide to play Geometry Dash Lite

Your goal in this Geometry Dash game is to direct your character to avoid hitting obstacles. The game will end if you hit one of the barriers. Along the road, there are numerous challenges to overcome. You can walk up tall walls or jump over spikes. Blocks might be hazardous as well. Following a collision with them, your character will break. Because of this, the game ends. If you are not an expert at this running game, you also need not worry. This game is replayable an infinite number of times. Additionally, the practice mode is available for you to use.

Different modes and difficulties

If you have played the Geometry Dash series, you may know each version is a mode. The original version also has 3 modes. However, when you come to the game Geometry Dash Lite, you can see 15 different modes or 15 different maps in this game. You don't need to unlock the modes one by one. All of them are ready for you to play. However, the difficulty level will increase gradually according to the number of stars of these modes. So, if you're a newbie, I recommend starting with Stereo Madness or Back on Track first. Each mode is a map with different obstacles. For example, you will encounter some patterned obstacles in Stereo Madness. Or you'll have to jump doubles or triples in Polarist.

What makes Geometry Dash Lite be more popular

Change the skins

In the original Geometry Dash game, you will not have the opportunity to change the skin of your geometry character. This has changed when you play this latest version of Geometry Dash. The game has hundreds of skins available for you to choose from. You can even change the color of each set of skins. Feel free to get creative with your character.


To increase the motivation in this game, the developers decided to create an achievement section. It's in the main menu next to settings. Here you can see many tasks that you can challenge yourself to complete. For example, you must complete Stereo Madness in Practice mode or complete Stereo Madness in Normal mode. There are many achievements waiting for you to discover.


What sets this game apart is the stats section. Here you can see your game stats. We will help you to summarize all your gaming progress. Here, you can see total jumps, total attempts, collected stars, collected diamonds, total orbs collected, and so on. This is an interesting feature that no other version of Geometry can have.

Tricks and strategies for the Geometry Dash Lite game

Stay calm in all situations. The character's speed will get faster and faster but this should not be a cause for concern. If you lose focus, you will make the wrong jumps.

Please turn off unimportant notifications on your phone if you play on this device. No one is happy near the end of a regimen that is interrupted by promotional calls.

Playing the game on the big screen is also a factor that helps you get closer to victory. Make sure you always play in full screen mode. Otherwise, you may have difficulty in observing the obstacle.

There will be spring plates to help you jump high and jump further. Take advantage of them! However, they do not always act as support items. Sometimes they are the cause of your character's destruction.