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Guns Of Rage


About Guns Of Rage

The principles

Guns Of Rage will take you to breathtaking shooting battles. Try to take down all enemies and destroy their combat vehicles to earn as many coins as possible.

The fights between soldiers and rebels are taking place. Jump from the helicopter and join these fights now. As the best shooter, you must grab your gun and shoot down as many soldiers as possible. The more enemies you can kill, the more coins you can get. Attempt to gain as many coins and diamonds as possible and use them to buy various guns, melee weapons, and characters in the shop.

At the start of each fight, you are allowed to choose between three levels of difficulty including Normal, Hard, and Crazy. Note that the higher the level, the more coins you will get. If you master this game, don't hesitate to select the crazy level to confront the most aggressive bosses. It is an opportunity to show off your shooting skills. If you love this game, why don't you take a look at Drunken Archers Duel, Apple Worm, Terraria, and Gravity Snake on our website?

How to control

Press WASD keys or Arrow Keys to move.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Press the Spacebar to jump.

Press a Q key to change the weapon.

Press an E key to throw grenades.

Press an F key to use the health pack.

Press an R key to use skills

Reasons you should try Guns Of Rage

Many levels

This game offers three Acts corresponding to three maps. Here is the list of Acts in the game.

  • Act 1: This Act takes place in the storm desert. In this Act, you need to complete 8 levels. At level 4 and 8, you will encounter big bosses who are extremely strong. Utilize your shooting skills to defeat them. Try to earn three stars at each level.
  • Act 2: In this Act, you will get an opportunity to explore a mutant lab that hides a giant robot. This robot looks like a squid with a big eye and many long tentacles. You will meet this robot at Level 4 of the Act.
  • Act 3: In the final Acts, the fight will take place in Silent Forest. Like other Acts, this Act also has 8 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. In particular, the big boss at Level 4 is a giant Godzilla who is extremely strong. Prepare well and use the most powerful gun to take this boss down.

Various weapons and characters

In the shop of this game, you will find many weapons. In general, they are classified into four kinds. The primary weapons are various kinds of guns including rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and so on. Special weapons are more powerful guns. Besides, you can use 5000 coins to purchase a grenade. In case you prefer melee attacks, you can buy melee weapons such as a pan, a knife, and a guitar.

In addition to weapons, the shop sells three characters who are a handsome man, a shadow dancer, and an oldman tracer. You must use the coins you earn to upgrade their stats as well as their skills. The character's skills are divided into three categories including offense skills, defense skills, and utility skills. You can use the skill points to unlock these skills and then use gems to upgrade your unlocked skills. Remember that each skill can be upgraded to level 5.

Relevant information about Guns Of Rage

Daily gifts

You can claim daily gifts if you sign in and play this game every day.

  • Day 1: On the first day, you will receive 5000 coins.
  • Day 2: If you sign in to the game on the second day, you will claim 50 diamonds.
  • Day 3: The reward on the third day is a sniper rifle named Famas.
  • Day 4: Come back and play the game for four days to obtain five tour tickets.
  • Day 5: You will get 20 bombs if you play this game for five days.
  • Day 6: On the sixth day, you will gain 5 different power-ups.
  • Day 7: On the final day, you will be rewarded with up to 50,000 coins and 200 diamonds.

Daily quests and achievements

There are five daily quests in this game. They require you to do many things such as killing 250 enemies, getting free gifts three times, completing 3 stages in any mode, and so on. You must come back and play this game every day to complete daily quests. You will be rewarded with a lot of coins and diamonds after finishing them. In addition, this game features many achievements that you must complete. They are to kill 7,500 enemies, destroy 15 flying units, kill 150 tanks, take down 3000 riflemen, eliminate 100 generals, and so on. Do your best to accomplish them to obtain a large number of coins and diamonds.