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Drift F1


All things you can do in Drift F1

Join the F1 car races

Have you ever played Drift F1 which is an interesting drifting game? Join this game to control your car to perform impressive drifts on tricky tracks.

This game is inspired by the F1 car race. Therefore, it is possible to say that this game is suitable for excellent drifters. This game requests you to drive your car to the finish line. The racetrack is not easy to conquer as it has many bumpy parts. It is easy for you to lose control of your car and fall off the track when you go through bumpy parts on the racetrack. It requires your professional driving skills to keep your car balanced at all times. In addition, you will encounter many corners along the racetrack. It is a chance to show off your drifting skills. Let's hold or release the left mouse in time to go over these tricky corners perfectly. Perform epic drifts and try not to fall off the track before you get to the finish line.

Collect gold coins

Besides crossing the finish line, you are required to collect gold coins. These coins are scattered along the way. Gather as many coins as possible as they can be used to purchase cool cars in the garage. It is said that these coins are the trap. You can fall off the track when making an effort to gather the coins. However, I believe it is a piece of cake if you are a professional drifter. Sometimes, you should learn to give up if you think that grabbing these coins can lead to your death. Play the game and let's see how many coins you can grab. After playing this game, you can try Apple Worm and Tap Tap Shots to have more experience.

How to control

On Desktop

Press or release the left mouse or space bar to turn left or right

On Mobile

Touch or release the screen to turn left or right.

Remarkable features of Drift F1

All racetracks

To become the winner in this game, you have to race on 35 race tracks corresponding to 35 levels. The difficulty of the racetrack and the number of corners will increase as the level progresses. Moreover, the higher the level, the longer the racetrack is. For example, at Level 1, the racetrack has a square shape and you have to go through only 4 corners. However, when you move to Level 2, you will see five corners on the racetrack. At level 3, the number of corners is ten corners. When you step into Level 4, the racetrack has up to 12 corners. The most difficult track is at Level 35 as it has up to 76 corners. If you can conquer all tracks in the game, it indicates that your drifting skills are super good. Do your best and good luck!

Various cars

In the garage of this game, you can find eight cars. They have cool designs and different prices. Accumulate as many coins as possible as they can be used to exchange with your favorite car.

  • A coupe: It is a default car that is available at the start of the game. It is blue. You can drive it to join initial races.
  • Pickups: There are two pickups in the garage. The first one is green and has a price of 200 coins. Meanwhile, the second is more expensive. It is yellow in color and costs 250 coins.
  • A police car: It is sold at a price of 300 coins. The color of this car is blue and white.
  • A SUV: This car is dark blue in color. You must pay 350 coins to purchase this cool car.
  • An ice cream truck: The color of this cute car is white and orange. Moreover, there is a big ice cream at the top of the car. You must spend 400 coins to buy this ice cream truck.
  • An ambulance: It is cool if you drive an ambulance to join F1 races. Use 450 coins to purchase it. This car is red and white in color.
  • A fire truck: The most expensive car in this game is a fire truck as it costs 500 coins. Like an ambulance, its color is also white and red.

The leaderboard

In this game, your score will increase while you drive your car to the finish line. After reaching the finish line in a level, you should enter your name and submit your score to know what your rank is on the leaderboards. This game features 4 leaderboards. They are daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards. These leaderboards show names, ranks, and scores of top players in a day, a week, a month, and all times. You can look at them to know who is the best drifter now. Try your best to break the best record and get the first rank on all leaderboards.