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G-Switch 3


The race of the robots in this game

G-Switch 3 is a successful version of the game series of the same name. Controlling a robot with special powers is what you need to do in this game.

Races always have a strange attraction to all players. Experience the amazing speed of the robots that will relieve you of stress in this game. You will participate in this race. You can run alone or choose for yourself worthy opponents.

How to get first place in G-Switch 3

Your character will automatically run forward. So, you just need to help it avoid barriers and dangers along the way. How can I complete this quest?

Gravity change

Your robot has a special ability to change gravity. It can move easily on iron walls located anywhere thanks to this ability. You just need to click to activate the ability. It can keep your robot from getting stuck at barriers on the road and away from dangerous gears. However, you also need to use this ability very carefully because sometimes you will jump into danger.

Double character

After going through some special portals, your character will be duplicated. At this time, you need to control two characters at the same time. They will run parallel to each other so you need to observe both. These two characters will have the same actions when you click. This makes the game more difficult.

Three main modes in this game

There are three main modes which are level, endless, and multiplayer modes. Now, let's explore more about the features of these modes.

Level mode

In this mode, you need to go through the gates to pass a level. If your character is destroyed at a certain level, you can restart that level. You can only play single in this mode.

Endless mode

You will join in an endless race. So, there are no gates or levels here. Of course, you have to run as long as possible to get high scores. If you get stuck in a position, you must replay at the start point.

Multiplayer mode

It will be difficult to find a game with multiplayer mode as 2 player games will be more popular. However, you can invite 7 other friends to race with you in this game. You and these 7 friends will play on the same device. Therefore, I recommend using a computer to play G-Switch 3.