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About Tetris


Welcome to Tetris which is an addictive puzzle game created by Soviet software engineer Alexey Pajitnov. Arrange the dropping blocks to fill rows of blocks.

The mechanics of this game are super simple. Just organize dropping blocks of different shapes to fill rows of blocks. Filled rows of blocks will be eliminated from the playing field and you will score many points. Try to remove as many blocks as possible to gain the highest possible score. The game only ends when the blocks reach the top of the playing field.

This game was developed by Soviet software engineer Alexey Pajitnov and was launched in 1984. As it features engaging gameplay and eye-catching graphics, this game has won the hearts of millions of players from all over the world. Why don't you check it out? Don't forget to take a look at other interesting games such as Apple Worm, Four In A Row, and Slope 3 on our website.

This is a puzzle game, so it is very suitable for you to train your brain. Tetriminos fall at a fast speed that requires you to train your reflexes. The game stimulates your brain when you have to solve difficult puzzles. You must arrange the Tetriminos blocks smartly so as not to fail. Are you ready to conquer these games?

Play this game on 10 levels

You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself through 10 levels of the game. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually with each level. In the early levels, the game is quite easy because the Tetriminos fall at a rather slow speed. So you can easily place them and score points. Although at higher levels such as levels 9 and 10, Tetriminos fall at an extremely fast speed, it requires you to have extremely fast reflexes and flexible thinking. Play and challenge yourself in hard levels of this game!

How to play Tetris


Tetris' objective is to accumulate as many points as you can by removing Tetriminos from horizontal lines. Inside the Matrix, the player must move, spin, and dump the falling Tetriminos (playing field). When all of the spaces in a line are filled with Blocks, the line is considered cleared.

The level rises and Tetriminos fall quicker as lines are eliminated, making the game progressively harder. The game is ended if the Blocks touch down above the top of the playing field.


In this game, you can control it by using a mouse or keyboard. Tetriminos with different shapes will fall freely from above. Your task is to arrange the positions of these Tetriminos. Control falling Tetriminos to put them together in the Matrix. You fill every square in a row to delete a line. You score points by clearing lines. Clear multiple lines at once to increase your chances of scoring.

Also, pay attention to the top right corner of the screen. Here, you preview upcoming Tetrimino in the Next Queue to plan ahead and increase your scoring chances. You pay attention to the Tetrimino to make the correct decision. When you stack Tetrimino too high, the game is over.

This game has a leaderboard, where the high scores are saved. Your highest score will be displayed on this leaderboard. You clear the line to get a point. The more Tetrimino lines you destroy, the higher your score will be. What are you waiting for without playing this intriguing game?

How to control


  • Press an Up arrow key to rotate left.
  • Press the Z key to rotate right
  • Press a Down arrow key or the Spacebar to increase the falling speed of the blocks.
  • Press Left or Right arrow keys to move left or right.
  • Press the Esc key to pause


  • Mouse left or right to control the falling direction of block
  • Click the left mouse to hand drop
  • Click the right mouse to rotate block

Tips and tricks

While arranging Tetriminos, you notice which Tetriminos will appear next. Thus, you decide the direction of their movement. You arrange the Tetrimino pieces so that they are as interconnected as possible. You should not leave empty places in the middle of the blocks, because it will be difficult to delete rows. The closer Tetrimino blocks are, the easier it is to clear them.

In case you create space between Tetriminos, do not worry. You try to delete the rows above it first. After deleting the rows above the spaces, you can add Tetriminos blocks to the space and clear the row.

Also, since this game has countless levels, you can get familiar with the mechanics of the game by playing at low levels such as levels 1 or 2. After you get used to the mechanics of the game playing you can challenge yourself at higher levels. You choose the suitable levels for yourself and conquer the game.