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Geometry Dash Bloodbath


About Geometry Dash Bloodbath

What is Geometry Dash Bloodbath?

Play Geometry Dash Bloodbath to enjoy a running adventure game with the high levels of addiction. Can you assist the character in overcoming obstacles?

This game has an Extreme Demon difficulty and is placed at the first rank on the Demonlist. Therefore, it is possible to say that this game is only suitable for players who master all skills. If you are a big fan of Geometry Dash Meltdown and Geometry Dash Lite, try this game out. This game will take you on an interesting adventure with the souls. These souls are on their way to coming back home after a long trip in the galaxy. To reach their planet, they have to enter space portals. Now, they have to enter a space portal called Bloodbath. During the journey, they encounter various hazards such as spikes, monsters, and especially high walls and change to different appearances. You must assist them in overcoming these dangers and reaching their destination as soon as possible.

Addictive gameplay

0-9%: At the start of the game, you have to control the ship to fly through numerous spike traps. You can see a half-speed portal and a gravity portal along the way. They will change the speed and gravity of the ship. Next, after going through a portal, the ship transforms into a mini ball.

30-33%: After that, you will enter the UFO sequence. After flying at a short distance, you will transform into a cube. Jump over triple spikes and slide through a very tight path to reach the portal. Enter this portal to switch to the ship sequence.

33-41%: Next, when the beat becomes more peaceful, you will transport to the dual cube sequence. Control two cubes to get to a portal to change to a ship segment. Afterward, you will come to the UFO sequence. Guide the UFO to pass through a portal that will decrease its size.

42-53%: At this part, the speed of the ship will increase and its gravity will change. You need to take control of the ship to fly through a tight space and a bunch of monsters with varying heights. Try to get to the portal to move on to the cube sequence.

54-70%: Then, you transform into a triple-speed mini UFO which will fly through numerous buzzsaws and gears. After evading all buzzsaws along the way, you will see a portal. Pass through them to become a mini ball. Direct the ball to jump on jump rings with different colors to get to another portal. This portal will change the ball to the cube.

71%-92%: The cube will become a UFO and then a ship that will fly through a tight path with hundreds of spikes and buzzsaws. After that, the ship will transform into a ball after passing a portal. This ball will decrease its size after going through an orange portal. Along the way, you will see many yellow jump rings which will help you make double jumps. Try not to fall into the spike traps on the road and enter another portal. The ball will change to the UFO and then the ship. Drive the ship to fly through numerous speed portals and gravity portals. At 91%, the ship will become two cubes. One cube is big while another one is small.

93%-100%: Afterward, you will enter a hard half-speed ball segment. Guide the ball to jump on a jump pad and pass through a portal to become the UFO and the ship. Drive the ship to fly up or down to dodge spike traps. Do your best to reach the portal safely to transform into the ball. At this part, you will encounter many fake blocks which will make you crash into dangerous traps more easily. Finally, the ball will transform into a cube. At this time, you will see a GG symbol. It indicates that you reach the end of the level.

Playable game modes in Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Practice Mode

This game offers two game modes. The first one is the Practice Mode. In the Practice Mode, you will be provided with blue gems. You can drop these gems along the way to set the checkpoints. If you hit the obstacles, you will return to the checkpoints that you have just gone through. This will help beginners practice skills. Therefore, if you just start to play this game, you can choose the Practice Mode to play first.

Normal Mode

The second mode is the Normal Mode. In this mode, there is no checkpoint along the track. Moreover, you are not allowed to set checkpoints. Instead, you are forced to return to the starting point if you collide with the obstacles. If you master this game, try the Normal Mode now. If you love this game, what about taking a look at Apple Worm on our website?