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Tomb Of The Mask Neon


The playing rules of Tomb Of The Mask Neon

Explore the tomb

Hunt for treasure in mysterious tombs in Tomb Of The Mask Neon. Gather all yellow dots, coins, and stars and reach the exit door to escape from the tombs.

The mysterious ancient tombs hide many valuable treasures. As a treasure hunter, you need to traverse these tombs and collect treasure like coins, stars, and shiny dots now. Note that a shiny dot is worth one point. Meanwhile, if you get a coin, you will score 3 points. You must collect all coins, stars, and yellow dots to unlock the door of the tomb. When all of them are cleared, you can leave the tomb and move to the next level. Take caution with dangerous traps in these tombs. Some of them are hidden. Therefore, you need to find the right way to evade them.

Hazards in the tomb

Here is the list of risks you can meet in the tomb.

  • Spike traps: There are many spike traps scattered in the tomb. You will encounter them at all levels in the game. Crashing into them will lead to your death.
  • Hidden spike traps: These traps are hidden in blue areas. When you touch them, they will be activated. After that, they will repeatedly appear and disappear. You must wait for them to disappear to go through them.
  • Dart traps: Level 15 introduces dart traps which are extremely dangerous. They launch deadly arrows constantly.
  • Buzzsaws: They appear at Level 24. These traps will chase you when they are activated. Therefore, you must run as fast as possible to escape from them.
  • Lava: You need to be careful with the lava which will rise gradually. If you touch the lava, you will die. Run as fast as possible to get to the exit door before the lava reaches you.

Besides dangerous obstacles, you also encounter many enemies who will hurt you a lot.

  • Bats: From Level 10, you will see many bats in the tomb. They fly from left to right, up to down, or vice versa. You should look carefully and run as fast as possible to dodge them.
  • Monkeys: They often emerge in groups of three. You must avoid hitting coconuts dropping from monkeys.
  • Pufferfishes: They are really dangerous. If you get close to them, you will be taken down. If you want to go through them safely, you must wait for them to deflate.
  • Snakes: They often destroy the tiles and block tunnels.
  • Chompers: You will find them on walls. If you touch them, you will be assassinated.

How to control: Press Arrow Keys to control the character.

Interesting things about Tomb Of The Mask Neon

Challenging levels

Like Apple Worm, this game also has many levels. There are 25 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the more challenging it is. Level 25 is the most difficult level. At this level, the wall and obstacles are hidden. You must guess the positions of obstacles while running to the exit door. Moreover, each level features different colors of walls, obstacles, enemies, and terrains. This will bring a scintillating playing experience. Try your best to earn three stars at each level and complete all levels. If you want to participate in more adventures, take a look at Happy Wheels, Geometry Dash Meltdown, and Geometry Dash Lite on our website.

Useful tips to beat all levels

If you are a beginner, it may be challenging for you to complete all levels in the game. Let me suggest some strategies to you. They will assist you a lot as the game progresses.

  • Look carefully at nearby dangerous traps and then plan which route you should take.
  • Sometimes you need to be quick, but you should be slow.
  • Do not ignore any yellow dots to make sure that the exit door is unlocked when you reach it.
  • Pay high concentration in order not to make any mistakes.

Awesome 2D graphics and catchy music

This game features an Atari and retro style, which will appeal to fans of Atari-style gaming. In addition, the 2D graphics in this game are really colorful and stunning. This will certainly hook you in on the first try. Furthermore, the music of the game is energetic and catchy. This will boost your mood when exploring the mysterious tombs.