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Electron Dash


Some information about Electron Dash

Play Electron Dash to participate in endless races with your character to overcome tunnels and obstacles. You can collect red hearts to respawn. This is an ideal game for killing time and releasing stress after hard working and studying.

Your mission when taking part in Electron Dash

You will take on the role of an astronaut who is traveling the unending journey in space in this game. There are many risks and difficulties on these roads. Controlling this astronaut is your job. Let's move your character across an endless tunnel. You are free to move around the tunnel's edges. In order to prevent running into obstacles or falling into space, you can also leap into this tunnel. The game will end if you go into space. Like Geometry Dash Meltdown and Geometry Dash Lite, this running game is fast-paced. If you want to find other genres, you can try Apple Worm.

Electron Dash's World Record

Electron Dash provides players with a leaderboard where they perform their achievements and others. However, this is the leaderboard for the best players. In addition, the record of Electron Dash also shows your score whether you are at the top of the best or not. At the beginning of the game, it may not be easy to get a high score or put your name on the leaderboard. However, take a look at the leaderboard to compare your results with other players. Especially, it will show the best scores of players by day, week, month, and all time. Therefore, if you would like to put your name on this leaderboard, you must get better scores. Can you put your name on the leaderboard?

How to play

To control your character to conquer Electron Dash is not too difficult. However, there are also things that you need to keep in mind when joining the game. Can you destroy this fascinating running game?

Help your astronaut overcome obstacles in Electron Dash

This game has simple controls. In this addictive game, you can be easy to control the game with the basic keys. You can easily play this game for the first time by using AD keys or left and right arrow keys to move. Besides, you also need to help your character jump by pressing the W key, up arrow key, or spacebar. For players who are fans of online games, they are so familiar. For the new players, don't worry, you can quickly get used to this control.

Revive in Electron Dash

There are many interesting and well-known running games. However, Electron Dash impresses players with a rather special highlight. Participating in the game's endless race, and helping your astronaut run a long distance is not easy. However, Electron Dash allows your character to respawn, and continue running with the same result. So what do you need to do to make your astronaut respawn? Collecting red hearts is an option for you. With the hearts you collect, if unfortunately, you have to end the game due to falling into space, you will be allowed to respawn and continue the game, continuing your current achievement. However, obtaining these hearts is not easy, so you should not waste them too much but use them sensibly.

Outstanding features of the game

The features of Electron Dash are also one of the reasons why the game is loved. Because they not only create fun but also bring challenges that make players want to conquer Electron Dash more.

Impressive graphics of Electron Dash

Coming to this game, you will accompany your astronaut running on an endless but very beautiful racing tunnel. You can experience striking turquoise tunnels. Besides, the astronaut is also very meticulously designed. Moreover, not only the track, you can witness the night sky sparkling like a galaxy. These will be the factors that make your game experience more attractive and worthwhile.

Some things you need to keep in mind when playing Electron Dash

Besides the eye-catching graphics of the game, Electron Dash requires you to overcome obstacles accurately. The game offers a variety of obstacles. In it, you will constantly encounter red lasers on the track. Your task is to avoid colliding with these lasers, otherwise, you will be killed. Players can walk over them but are not allowed to touch them. In addition, space traps are also extremely dangerous. On the tunnel of Electron Dash, there are constantly gaps that make it difficult for you to move. Either you pass them, or the game is over. In particular, sometimes it seems that your astronaut is running on a safe track, but not sure! You can easily spot the racing tunnel divided into squares with gray or turquoise colors. Tiles that are gray will be safe, while those that are turquoise can become traps. When you land on these turquoise tiles, they will immediately disappear and form spaces. Therefore, if you do not react quickly, you will fall into these spaces and end the game.