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Temple Of Boom


About Temple Of Boom

Traverse mysterious temples with a shooter in Temple Of Boom. You must collect power-ups and shoot down all ungodly creatures in the temples.

Your objectives in Temple Of Boom

This game offers you an opportunity to explore mysterious temples that hide a lot of treasure and undiscovered secrets. However, in this temple, there are many dangers lurking and always trying to find ways to hinder, or even destroy you. Watch out for ungodly creatures who protect the temples. You need to kill them with your gun. Either you destroy them all, or you will be destroyed by them. Besides, Temple Of Boom provides players with treasure chests, which contain different types of weapons. It's your chance to turn the tide and increase your chances of winning. In addition, do not forget to collect blood boxes and bullet boxes dropped by those scary monsters. They will help you increase your chances of survival. Try your best to clear all rivals and get out of these temples quickly.

Ways to attack in Temple Of Boom

You are the key factor in this action battle! Will you be able to keep the aim of aiming the gun straight at the enemy even though the shells are roaring around? Can you control the battle and win? Players can perform a lightning attack, discharge bullets in all directions, or try to shoot opponents from a safe distance, taking the time to aim directly at the opponent's head without getting hurt by their bullets. Also, if you've run out of ammo, you might consider moving smart to find a chance to jump on them. It's also a way to kill enemies.

Experience the different modes in Temple Of Boom

This addictive game consists of two game modes including Campaign and Endless are available for gameplay. In the Campaign mode, you need to explore three temples. Your enemies will attack you in waves, with each wave they will be stronger than larger monsters, better equipped, and harder to kill. In the Endless mode, you have to battle with an unlimited number of enemies in a temple. You can choose the right mode to join the game with the best game experience, giving you the most comfortable feeling. If you are interested in this game, what about checking out Gravity Snake, Apple Worm, Drift Hunters, and Run Run Duck on our website?

A lot of outstanding features of Temple Of Boom

Temple Of Boom attracts the attention of players not only thanks to its exciting gameplay but also thanks to its impressive features. Coming to this fascinating game, you will have the opportunity to experience these special features. You should make the most of them so that your journey in Temple Of Boom will be smoother, and it easier to succeed in brutal wars.

Join Temple Of Boom with friends or relatives

If you want to join and have fun with your friends or family, Temple Of Boom offers you a 2-player mode. If the 1-player mode includes a campaign and endless battles, the 2-player mode has only campaign battles with 3 temples. In this mode, instead of fighting dangerous monsters like poisonous spiders or green monsters, two players will face each other, whoever uses up the allowed number of lives first will lose. Moreover, in this mode, you will still receive chests of weapons, ammo, and first aid boxes to make the battle more fierce and interesting.

Some tools to support you in Temple Of Boom

Join the gunfight in Temple Of Boom, you will have the opportunity to use a lot of different guns such as shotguns, automatic guns, or grenade launchers, etc. Each type of gun has its own abilities and strengths. In addition, you should not waste ammo because your number of ammo is limited. If you use up all the ammo and the enemy is still crowded, your chances of winning will be greatly reduced. Temple Of Boom gives you a bar that shows how much ammo you currently have so you can keep an eye on your ammo situation. In particular, in Temple Of Boom, your character will not die as soon as the bullet is hit. You can withstand a certain number of bullets fired at you. Notice the HP bar at the top left corner of Temple Of Boom to monitor your health. In addition, the temple in this game is like a maze, you can go through from left to right and vice versa. This is your chance to attack your enemies by surprise, or quickly escape their fierce and dangerous onslaught.

How to control


  • Press a W key to jump.
  • Press A-D keys to move left or right.
  • Press an S key to pick up weapons.
  • Press a C key to shoot.
  • Press a V key to switch weapons


  • Press an Up Arrow Key to jump.
  • Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to move left or right.
  • Press a Down Arrow key to pick up weapons.
  • Press a K key to shoot.
  • Press an I key to switch weapons.