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Things you can do in Hexanaut.io

Fight for territory in Hexanaut.io

Play Hexanaut.io to take part in the fight for territory with different impostors. Run around to conquer as many hexagons as possible to become a king.

Cute impostors are fighting for territory. Do you want to join them? Choose your favorite character and start the fight now. You must take control of your impostor to run around the arena and capture as many hexagons as possible. The more hexagons you capture, the larger your territory is. Moreover, capturing hexagons also helps to raise your speed. Look at the speed bar at the bottom of the screen. When it is full, your speed will increase by 10%. In addition, you also need to conquer defense towers in the arena. These towers will assist you a lot in the fight for territory. Try not to slice your own tail or let any imposter cut your tail if you do not want to lose soon. Besides, you can actively attack other imposters in the arena to eliminate them. Get close to them gradually and find a chance to cut their tails. After they die, their territory will be yours. This is a way to expand your territory fast. The leaderboard at the top right of the screen presents the ranks of 6 top players and your rank. Look at it to know who is the king in the arena. Do your best to have the largest territory to replace the current king in the arena and get the first rank on the leaderboard.

Raise your rank

After each fight for territory, you will be rewarded with many experience points. These experience points are really important as they will help to raise your rank. There are seven ranks which are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster. At the start of the game, your rank is Bronze. You must participate in different wars for the territory to accumulate as many experience points as possible to raise your rank from Bronze to Grandmaster.

Customize the characters in Hexanaut.io

After each match, you will be rewarded with a lot of coins and a treasure chest. Open it to unlock many rare characters. Besides, you can go to the shop and use the coins you earn to purchase various characters with different colors and appearances. Choose your favorite one to become unique in each fight. In addition, the shop also sells many badges with different designs. All of them have a price of 200 coins. Spend your coins to purchase them now. Don't wait anymore! Join the game and let's see how long you can survive. Featuring stunning 3D graphics and engaging gameplay, this game will certainly hook you in for hours. Share it with your friends or relatives if you find it interesting. If you enjoy this game, don't ignore other exciting io games such as Among Us and Scribble on our website.

How to control: Use the mouse button to direct your character.

Exciting facts about Hexanaut.io

Towers in the arena

On the playing field, there are many towers. You should attempt to capture them as they will help you a lot as the game progresses. Here is the list of towers that you need to conquer.

  • Speed totem: This totem looks like a running man. If you capture it, your speed will increase by 20%.
  • Slowing totem: This totem has a cloud at the top and freezes the surrounding environment. Anyone moving around the slowing totem will decrease the speed by 20%, except the owner of this totem. Therefore, you should capture them to defend your territory.
  • Spreading totem: It is the most useful tower as it will help you expand your territory. This totem will launch the laser beam to capture hexagons near it automatically.
  • Teleport gate: This gate looks like a mirror. If your opponent enters your territory, this gate will teleport them to another place.
  • Spy Dish: It wants to know where you and your opponents are, you must capture this spy dish. After being conquered, the map will be presented. When you look at the map, you will see how large your territory is.

All servers in the game

This game offers five servers which are Asia, Europe West, US West, Australia, and Asia East. Before playing the game, you can choose one of the servers. It is possible to say that entering different servers is an opportunity for you to make new friends from all over the world.

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by Exodragon Games. It was launched in March 2022. Like Apple Worm, this game is playable on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones.