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Kick The Buddy


Noteworthy information Kick The Buddy

The rules of this game

Try playing Kick The Buddy to enjoy moments of entertainment and relaxation. Use weapons to hit the doll named Buddy to earn as many coins as possible.

This is an easy game and very suitable for you if you are stressed or really angry. Among all of the relaxing games, this is the most effective and wonderful stress relief game in which you calm down your anger by slapping your puppet. You don't need to base on any rules in the game, you just have fun and enjoy this crazy game. With its simple mechanics, your objective is to slap and hit the puppets. To hit them, you need to use your weapons such as knives, rifles, cannons, guns, and even tanks. The more badly the puppet hurts, the more money you will claim. To make them get some serious injury, you need to aim to stab your weapons into the parts of the body such as the head, face, abdomen, and neck. Attack him until he dies to get a lot of money. Try to get as many coins as possible. After that, you can use your coins to change your puppets or buy new items for them. Join this game to choose your favorite one. If you like this game, I suggest you play Tetris, Apple Worm, and 8 Ball Billiards Classic on our website.

How to control


Click the left mouse button to hit the ragdoll


Tap the screen to hit the ragdoll

The developer and platform

This game was created by Playgendary. It was released for the first time on January 17th, 2011. It is playable on web browsers and desktop devices such as laptops, computers, mobile phones, Mac, iOS, Android, and so on.

Some remarkable things about the game

Strategies of the game

  • You need to tap on your screen continuously. All the actions which you need to do in this game are punch, kick, slab, and shoot your puppet. The more badly the puppet hurts, the more money you will earn. Therefore, to earn as much money as possible, you don't stop tapping on the screen.
  • You can try other weapons or puppets. After your puppet dies or stops, you can use your money to change your weapons or upgrade new items to your puppet. Buy them to challenge yourself in killing the puppet and earn more money.
  • You can not earn any money if your puppets die. Therefore, you can upgrade your weapons and buy new items to make your puppet more colorful and hit them slowly.
  • Receive the free items. You can take the free items by creating an account and logging in. Then, you can invite your friend via social media, follow the game pages by your account, and so on. All these actions can help you unlock new and free items.

Some helpful notes to players

This is a kind of funny and thrilling game. In this game, you will have some violent action, combined with special weapons on puppet-like figures. This action just stops when they faint, explode or die. Therefore, you need to be certain that you are over 12 years old. However, this game is so suitable for you if you get stuck or get pressured into studying and working.

Engaging information about Kick The Buddy

New items of Buddy

After earning a number of coins, you can upgrade your puppet. There are 4 main items that you can change and upgrade for your puppet. They are glasses, headphones, hats, and belts. However, you need to take a number of coins to buy them. In particular, you need to spend 4000 coins to buy a hat, 6000 coins to buy a belt, 10000 coins to get a glass, and 15000 coins to have a headphone. Upgrade these items to make your puppet more beautiful and adorable. Besides some interesting items, you can update your weapons. There are some useful weapons for you to choose including knives, rifles, cannons, guns, and even tanks. Each weapon has its own characteristic and strength. You also need to pay for coins to buy them. After your puppet dies or stops, you can use your money to change your weapons and upgrade new items to your puppet. Buy them to kill your puppets slower and more effectively and earn more money.

The history of this game

The game has many versions. This is the original and was created in 2011. This version was not so popular because of its items and weapons. The second version was made in 2012 by Crustalli. It is replaced and gets a sequel known as Kick the Buddy: Second Kicki this year. The newest version is developed by Playgendary. This version was made in 2017. It quickly became a popular game and was loaded by many players.