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Shape Shift Run


Some facts about Shape Shift Run

The game rules

Welcome to Shape Shift Run which is a shape-changing running game. You will change the shape of your block to accommodate portals and run as far as possible.

This is an online game on our website. It belongs to the running category for single players. By participating in this running game, you can test your ability to overcome obstacles and win the best achievement. This game requires the quick reflexes of the players. Therefore, stay focused and show your abilities!

Your controlled block has the ability to transform. It could be a pyramid, cube, or sphere. If you want your character to travel as far as possible on the unending track, you must alter its shape so that it corresponds with the shape that is present on the portals. For instance, if the retaining wall has a cutout in the shape of a sphere, you must click until your character transforms into a spherical one. If you alter your shape in time, you will be able to pass. In contrast, if the shape of your block is wrong, the game is over. Then, you will start the game again. In addition, you also need to quickly overcome the portals before the path of the road collapses. Break a leg.

Furthermore, you will receive 5 points for each portal you pass through. The more portals you can slide through, the more points you can get. Make an effort to obtain the highest score. Your score will be shown when the game ends. After each turn, let's smash the previous record. You also do not forget to accumulate some valuable lessons from your mistakes. You will become more experienced and competent, which helps you earn a large number of points. Can you become the winner? What is the highest score you can get? Have fun.

There are not many processes that must be combined, and the game's rules are relatively straightforward. You can understand some rules easily. Now invite your friends to participate in this game. When you immerse yourself in the game, you will become more relaxed and release stress. If you are struggling and running out of energy, let's join the game to get many new exciting experiences.

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How to control

Use the left mouse to change the shape of the block.

Some challenges of the game

A variety of portals

On the track, there will be countless portals appearing. They are distributed everywhere. They often appear unexpectedly. They will appear when you get closer to them. Therefore, you will often be surprised and find it difficult to react in time. In addition, these portals will appear with a dense frequency. Their number and speed are also faster. They will make you lose at any time if you are not focused enough. You have to come up with an excellent strategy to overcome them. Can you pass them or will you stop the game?

The speed of your block character

If you pay attention, you will notice that the block's speed is constantly increasing. It will progress to the next portal faster. So to be able to win, you must not hesitate and miss any important moment. You should pay close attention and focus to complete the journey. If you have caught up with the beat of the game, you can base on its working mechanism to be able to overcome dangerous portals.

The collapsed paths

When you pass through the gate, the road behind it will collapse and new passages with countless gates will appear. You have to act quickly to make sure your block does not fall off the track. Secure your block from this ramp by changing the shape of the block then successfully pass through the portal.

Some tactics to overcome the challenges for you

Change your block's shape in time

When facing a large number of challenges, you must develop some tips. Firstly, to pass over many difficulties, you need to change the shape of the block as fast as possible. As a result, you can slide the longest distance. You also overcome many hazardous portals. They can not prevent you from succeeding. Wish you could pass many challenging portals that are blocking on your race track and avoid falling out of the collapsed paths.

Repeatedly click

When changing the shape of the block, you can wait for the portals to appear to change. However, you can also change the shape constantly. So, you have to click the left mouse repeatedly to exchange. This tip will help you to have flexibility. Your blocks also become more diverse. As a result, completing tasks is easier than ever.