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Four In A Row


The playing rules of Four In A Row

Compete with other players

In order to win Four In A Row, you have to line up discs of the same color before your opponent. It is an immensely addicting puzzle game. Have fun!

This game will bring you moments of fun with your friends. The mechanics of this game are super simple. Just create a line of discs with the same color to gain victory before your opponent. Drop a disc into the columns to do that. In order to respond to your opponent's actions swiftly and precisely, try to prepare your winning moves in advance and predict his or her potential future moves. If you discover any groups of three discs belonging to your rival, put your disc there right away to obstruct the fourth position. Keep in mind that each turn has 30 seconds. If you cannot decide the spot where your disc is placed, it will be automatically put into a random spot. Therefore, you should be quick in order for your plan not to be broken.

Come on! Join this game now and invite your friends to play with you. I hope you have a good time! If you like this game, take a look at Slope Ball and Slope Run. In addition, you also play Apple Worm to have more fun.

How to control: Use the mouse to play.

Effective strategies to become the victor

  • Start with the center column: If you are the first player, you should drop your disc into the center column of the grid first. This will help you connect four identical discs in all possible directions. Moreover, if you do that, your rival cannot decide which direction you will make a line of four identical discs.
  • Drop your disc into the same column in which her or his disc is placed: Being the second player is a disadvantage for you. However, placing your disc on top of your opponent's disc will help you create a draw.
  • Be active on offense instead of playing defensively: You must attempt to find an opportunity to create a line of four identical discs at all times.
  • Predict the potential moves of your opponent: You need to ask yourself about which column your enemy will drop his or her disc into and what he or she will do if you place your disc in this column. Think about them and build your own strategy to become the final winner.
  • Organize your discs in a 7-shape: It means that you should arrange three discs in a horizontal line and three discs in a diagonal line. If you do that, your rival cannot block your way and your winning chance will increase.
  • Trap your rival: You should create a space directly under the game-winning space and force your rival to put his or her disc into it.

Interesting information about Four In A Row

Available game modes

This game offers three game modes. Each game mode has a distinct gameplay.

  • Play Vs Computer: If you are a beginner, this game mode is suitable for you. In this mode, you are allowed to battle with the computer player. Note that the computer player is programmed to master all skills. Therefore, it is difficult to defeat the computer player. You must build effective strategies to win against the CPU.
  • Online Player: This mode allows you to play with other players from all over the world or your friends. If you want to have fun with other players from all over the world, you can join a random public room. Another way is to create a public room and wait for other players to join your rooms. Otherwise, if you want to have fun with your friend, you can create a private room and send the room ID to your friends. Your friends will enter the room ID to join your private room.
  • Two Player: In this mode, you and your friends can play the game on the same device. You and your friends must take turns selecting your favorite color and the field size and the winning condition.

Field sizes and winning conditions

In this game, you can choose between three field sizes including Default, Stretch, and Large. The default field size has 7 cells in a row and 6 cells in a column. For the stretch field size, the grid has 9 cells in a row and 4 cells in a column. For the large field size, the grid has 9 cells in a row and 6 cells in a column. In addition, you can select between four winning conditions which are Three In A Row, Four In A Row, Five In A Row, and Six In A Row. If you choose the Three In A Row, your objective is to connect three discs of the same color. For the Four In A Row, you need to create a line of four identical discs. For the Five In A Row, your mission is to make a line of five discs of the same color. If you select the Six In A Row, do your best to connect six identical discs.