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Slope Ball


Traverse mysterious lands in Slope Ball

Come to Slope Ball to discover wonderful lands with the ball. Jump to overcome numerous deadly obstacles and fight against monsters along the way.

One day, the ball, who is an adventurer, wants to explore new lands. Therefore, he starts his exciting adventure without hesitation. Do you want to become his partner? If you love traveling, don't miss this chance. Let's go with the ball now. Note that the way is extremely treacherous. You have to encounter numerous spike traps and high walls. Therefore, you need to be careful. Attempt to jump high to avoid hitting these obstacles. Another way is to utilize the jump pads and jump rings to jump higher. At the end of each adventure, you will meet aggressive monsters. They are T-Rex, Titanoboa, Quetzalcoatlus, Megatherium, and Megalodon. As a stranger stole 5 polygon blocks, these monsters lose their control and are ready to attack people. You must collect magic polygons which are the magic antidote to the 5 mascots. Do your best and good luck! Don't forget to try playing other great games such as Tap Tap Shots, Slope 3, and Apple Worm.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to make the character jump.

Customize your character

This game offers many characters which are classified into 7 kinds. Each kind of character has a distinct movement style and appearance.

  • Ball: There are 10 ball characters with different appearances in the game. They can roll fast to reach their destination.
  • Animal: You can select between 10 animal characters in the game. They are dragons, seahorses, and eagles. All of them are unlocked. Therefore, you can choose them freely.
  • Wave: In the character collection, you can find 10 wave characters. They are able to roll to the destination.
  • Spider: There are only 5 spider characters. They have four legs, so they will run to their destination.
  • UFO: You can choose between 10 UFO characters in the character collection. These characters are able to fly up or down to evade obstacles.
  • Ship: Like the UFO characters, there are also 10 ship characters that can fly to get to their destination.
  • Robot: The character collection has 5 robot characters. They will use their two legs to run to their destination at the fastest speed.