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Football Legends 2019



About Football Legends 2019

This is a game that simulates the most favored sport in the world. Attend the 2019 football league championship with famous football players in Football Legends 2019. If you want to become the champion, you need to attempt to defeat other countries' soccer teams. Join the matches of this king of sport, and try to lift the championship trophy with your teammates!

Some impressive features of Football Legends 2019

For anyone who is fond of sports games such as Touchdrawn and Tap Tap Shots, this game is the perfect fit for you. In this game, you need to select between three game modes which are 1 Player, 2 Player, and Quick Match. The 1 Player mode and Quick Match mode allow you to compete with the computer player. However, in the 1-player mode, you have the right choice to play the game in a tournament or a random match. In the tournament, you can play solo, 2 vs 2, in 1 vs 2, and even you can play with normal or hard mode. In this game mode, you will compete with many opponents and different countries in turn. Teams will gradually eliminate opponents, then the winning teams will compete against each other to find the champion. With random matches it is different, you will not play according to such rules. While the 2 Player mode features multiplayer. In the 2 Player mode, you can invite your friends to play with you. Choose one of the game modes and characters to join thrilling football matches now.

Your achievements in Football Legends 2019

Football Legends 2019 provides players with a leaderboard that shows the ranking of the best players with the highest score by day, 7 days, 30 days, and so far. Use all your abilities to participate in the game and you will also have the opportunity to put your name on the leaderboard of this game. Besides, Football Legends 2019 also impresses gamers thanks to the achievements board. Each tournament or match you participate in will be updated with achievements here. In this game, your achievements will be divided by the game modes you choose such as 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, and 1 vs 2. In these tournaments, your achievements will be counted in the offensive and defensive sides. In Football Legends 2019, try to win gold, silver, or bronze, or win the match with a goal difference of 10 scores 100 goals in tournaments, etc. Besides, if you are able to achieve conceding goals, that also counts as a remarkable achievement in football and is displayed in this leaderboard of Football Legends 2019. All your achievements will be shown here.

How to play Football Legends 2019

Coming to Football Legends 2019, your football player also can perform his professional skills as a real player in fact. You can control them to slide, shoot, or super shot at a suitable moment and get beautiful goals. At first time, it might be difficult for you to win. It is the reason why you should take part in many football matches in this game, and you can get more experience, and be easier to defeat your opponents. This will be an opportunity for anyone who is passionate about this sport to practice and fulfill their passion.

Score goals in Football Legends 2019

In the game, you have the opportunity to transform into the players of many famous football teams in the world, such as Barca, Merinhues, Mattresses, and Amsterdammers. In a football match, your objective is to control your football players to jump, slide, and kick the ball into your opponent's goal. Besides, you also need to control them to collaborate to give the ball to each other with the final target is get points. Each time you can do this, you can receive 1 point. In Football Legends 2019, the more goals you get, the more points you can achieve. In the allowed time, which team that gets more points, that team will become the winner. After each win, you can face the stronger soccer team. It might require you to be more flexible and compete with better teams. But if you can defeat them, it will be a worthy victory.

If you are a big football fan, you will definitely want to see your favorite team lift the championship trophy. Football Legends 2019 can help you fulfill this wish. Play this game now and guide your favored football team to become the champion in the 2019 football league championship. If you are keen on the other types of games, I recommend you check out Apple Worm and Zombie Hunters Online which are the hottest game on our website. Join these games and turn your leisure time into more interesting.

How to control


  • Press ARROW KEYS to move and jump.
  • Press an X key to kick.
  • Press a Z key for a super shot.


  • Press the WASD keys to move and jump.
  • Press a K key to kick.
  • Press an L key for a super shot.