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The outstanding things about Touchdrawn

The mechanics of the game

Welcome to Touchdrawn, a running game based on the sports theme! In this game, you need to draw a guide for your character to run to the goal line.

The game is based on Gridiron football known as North American football, or in North America simply football, or American football. American football is the best-known form of gridiron football worldwide. However, this game is a variation of the American game. Your team only scores when its player puts the ball behind the opponent's goal line. And then, your score is counted. You must put the ball in the area of ​​the penalty area called a touchdown and put it behind the goal line and you will win.

However, on your way, there are opponents who want to take your ball. You need to avoid them and move forward. Note that there is a circle around your opponent. If you run inside that circle, the match between you and your opponent will begin. It is best to avoid these conflicts. You also run through the marked points to throw the ball without running. You also use another way to beat your opponents. You should collect the power-ups, push them down, and outrun them to the goal line. Try beating them many times to find the best way. As a result, you can overcome them easily. Break a leg.

Some obstacles on the playing field

Besides the opposing team, you must face barriers. They will prevent you from reaching the goal line and the touchdraw. You cannot reach them if your character's size is too small. As a result, you have to go through the power-up to increase your character's size. When you are bigger, you can break the barriers. Reaching the goal line becomes easy for you.

How to control

It is easy to play this game. You only need to use your mouse to draw a line. Your character will follow this line.

Some positions of the players in the game

In this game, your character can play in many different positions. He can be flexible between teams and completes the task brilliantly. In addition, your character will receive the support of teammates in different positions. Here are a few important positions of players on the field.

Offensive Team

  • Center (C)
  • Offensive Guard
  • Offensive Tackle (OT)
  • Quarterback (QB
  • Half Back/Running Back (HB/RB)
  • Full Back/Set Back (FB/H-Back)
  • Wide Receiver (WR)

Defensive Team

  • Defensive End (DE)
  • Defensive/Nose Tackle (DT/NT)
  • Outside Linebacker (OLB)
  • Inside Linebacker/Middle Linebacker (ILB/MLB)
  • Cornerback (CB)
  • Safety (S)

The other features of the game

The difficult levels you have to overcome

Like Apple Worm and Geometry Dash Bloodbath, there are many different levels in this running game. It is different from Electron Dash. You can conquer each level. However, it is challenging because the difficulty of the levels will increase gradually. You will face more opponents. The higher level you play, the more challenges you must face. You must use your excellence or come up with a strategy to overcome them. Try your best to pass as many levels as possible. You will become a master when overcoming a lot of levels.

The power-ups for you

Because the difficulty levels will increase through each level, you must collect many power-ups on the playing field to complete the game. The first one can help you to size your character up. As a result, you can overcome many barriers. Do not miss them if you want to pass the level and advance to the following level. The second one is jumping power-ups. You can use them to jump over high barriers. They are useful for you and you can collect them when running. Collecting the power-ups is one of the excellent ways to finish the level. If you miss them, you may lose the game. Then, you must conquer the level again. Please make the right decision to complete the task.

The shop in the game

In the shop, there are a lot of characters. You can unlock them with your gold coins. While playing the game, you can collect as many coins as possible. These coins are distributed all over the playing field. In addition, when collecting them, you also try to dodge the opposing team. Do not crash into them unless you will lose. The number of goal coins can help you to purchase other characters. You also remember that the price of the characters is expensive. You must accumulate many coins through many levels to buy. The character is also worthy of coins. They are attractive and magnificent. They have power and outstanding features. They will help you become the winner of the game. Choose them to start the new level. The game also becomes more exciting with their appearance.