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Zombie Hunters Online


About Zombie Hunters Online

The gameplay

Enter the maps and fight against zombies in Zombie Hunters Online. Kill as many zombies as possible and find the portals to move to the next level.

At the start of the game, you will enter an arena where many fighters are fighting against zombies and monsters. Your weapon is only a knife. Run around the arena and grab more powerful weapons such as electric saws, guns, cannons, and bombs. Moreover, you also need to collect armor that will protect you from the damage of your opponents. After you gather weapons and armor, waves of zombies and monsters will appear. You must kill as many zombies and monsters as possible. Keep in mind that other fighters in the arena are not your enemies. They are your teammates. You should cooperate with them to defeat zombies. Be careful with obstacles like spikes or buzzsaws in the arena. If you touch them, you will lose a lot of blood. Collect the heath box to regain the amount of blood you lost. During the fight, a portal will appear for seconds. This portal will lead you to the next map. Therefore, as soon as you see the announcement about the emergence of the portal, you should run as fast as possible to find and enter the portal. When getting to the next map, you also need to attend another thrilling fight. Come on! It is time to prove that you are the best zombie hunter. If you are interested in this game, try playing Wormax.io, Surviv.io, and Hexanaut.io on our website.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS to control the character.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by Vasiliy Kostin. It was released as a Flash game in 2014. In December 2018, it was launched as an HTML5 game. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones, which is similar to Apple Worm.

More interesting things about Zombie Hunters Online

Available game maps in Zombie Hunters Online

In the world map, you will see 12 maps with different terrains. You must enter them in order. Here are the names and features of maps in the game.

  • Entrance Point: You will enter this map at the start of the game. This map is easy as the bosses in this map are weak. You can easily kill them without effort.
  • Doom Base: This map introduces buzzsaws which are set everywhere. If you crash into them, you will lose a lot of blood. Therefore, you should be careful.
  • Death's Strait: The background of this map is blue. On this map, you will encounter mightier bosses.
  • Catacombs Of Evil: It is the fourth map in the game. There are many access cards scattered around the map. All you need to do is to collect all of them. Moreover, this map features narrow paths where many buzzsaws are set. You must watch out whenever going through them.
  • Cave Of Kings: On this map, you have to not only battle with zombies and monsters but also collect all generators. When all generators are gathered, you must wait for the portal to appear to move in order to move to the next map.
  • No Weapon Zone: When entering this map, you are not allowed to use weapons. Run as fast as possible to escape from enemies and find the portal to leave this map quickly.
  • Demon's Pocket: This map is really small and the opponents on the map are extremely crowded. Attempt to stay alive until the portal emerges.
  • Devourer: It is the most challenging map in the game. In this map, you have to fight against a big boss. It is a big monster with many long tentacles. It will roam around the map and use tentacles to attack you. Try not to get close to them and shoot it from a far distance.
  • Slow Lands: On this map, your speed will decrease by 50%. You will move very slowly.
  • Power Unit: This map has many power units. Therefore, your objective is to destroy all power units to unlock the portal.
  • The Choice: There are many rooms on this map. The doors of these rooms are made from laser beams. These laser beams will not hurt you. However, if enemies touch them, they will die. Therefore, it is a good way to hide in the rooms to avoid the attacks of your rivals.
  • Nightmare Woods: This map is a forest that is full of plants. Monsters can hide under these plants, so you need to look carefully.

Effective strategies to conquer all maps

Actually, this game is harder than it looks. A little mistake can cause your death. Therefore, it is necessary to build your own strategies before coming to a fight.

  • Do not let monsters surround you.
  • Collect bombs to destroy a large number of monsters at once.
  • Look at the countdown at the top left of the screen to know when the portal will appear.
  • Always stay close to your teammates in order for them to help you kill a large number of monsters.
  • Do not ignore any useful items on the map.