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Run Run Duck


Engaging gameplay of Run Run Duck

Embark on an exciting adventure

Welcome to Run Run Duck which is an exciting adventure game. Help a little duck to dodge dangerous obstacles and enemies and reach the golden egg.

A little duck is on his way to find the golden egg. Along the way, he has to encounter various deadly obstacles and monsters. Can you help him overcome them? Control the duck to jump and run to evade them. You must watch out for obstacles such as fireballs and giant leaps along the way. The fireball will fly from up to down and vice versa. Moreover, there are many monsters with different colors roaming on the road. They are really dangerous, so you should not get close to them. Jump as high as possible to evade them. Another way is to collect power-ups which will make you stronger and invincible. Besides reaching the golden eggs, you also need to collect gold coins along the way. Some of them are scattered on the road while some of them are hidden in the blocks. You must jump and hit the blocks to find coins. The allotted time of each level is 2 minutes. The game is over if you cannot find the golden egg before the time is over. Therefore, you need to be quick. Do your best to reach the golden egg safely to get the highest possible score and move on to the next level.

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How to control

Press the Arrow Keys buttons to run.

Press the Spacebar and an Up Arrow Key to jump.

More exciting secrets about Run Run Duck

Various enemies

During the journey, you will meet many monsters with different colors. They move from left to right and vice versa. Here they are

  • Red monsters: They are common monsters in this game. Their color is red. You must jump on their head to eliminate them from the playing field.
  • Pink monsters: These monsters are similar to red monsters. However, they are pink. To kill them, you must hit their heads.
  • Black monsters: They are the mightiest opponent. They cannot be eliminated by jumping on their heads. Instead, when you jump on their head, they will stop. Utilize this chance to jump over them.

Many power-ups

There are three power-ups in this game. You can knock your head at the gift boxes to unlock them. These power-ups will contain one of three power-ups. Remember that each power-up will give you a distinct power.

  • A green potion: This potion will change your skin to green and increase your body size. You will become a muscular runner who can crush any obstacles and enemies along the way. However, for black monsters, you still suffer their damage.
  • A shield: After grabbing a shield, you will become more powerful than ever. You will wear a hat and a cape. You can easily defeat all opponents along the way.
  • A duck: In this game, a small duck serves as a life. Therefore, you should collect as many ducks as possible to lengthen your longevity.

Challenge yourself with hard levels in Run Run Duck

Like Apple Worm, this game also requires you to complete many levels with varying degrees of difficulty. Specifically, there are 8 levels in the game

  • Level 1: The first level is super easy to play. The distance between the starting point and the destination is really short. Moreover, you will meet only 4 pink monsters along the way.
  • Level 2: The second level is a little bit more difficult as you will meet more monsters along the way. Specifically, there are 8 pink monsters and 3 red monsters. Furthermore, at this level, you can collect a green potion.
  • Level 3: This level introduces black monsters and fireballs. This will make your adventure more challenging.
  • Level 4: This level features more giant leaps and monsters that you need to overcome.
  • Level 5: In this level, you must take caution with fireballs which can fly very high. Besides, you can gather two power-ups during the journey.
  • Level 6: If you can reach this level, you will see the emergence of ice platforms. These platforms move from left to right and vice versa. Jump on them to overcome insurmountable leaps.
  • Level 7: In this level, the monsters gather in crowded groups and wander around the map.
  • Level 8: The final level is extremely hard since it features many fireballs. If you can beat this level, you will become the winner.