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About Scribble


If you are looking for a game to relieve stress, then Scribble is a great choice for you. This game will really help you relieve stress by drawing scribble lines. You can draw anything you like in this map. Your goal in this game is to capture as many territories as possible. In addition, you also have the opportunity to compete with many other opponents on the map. You occupy the other player's land and become the strongest on the map. This game promises to bring you moments of relaxation. What are you waiting for without playing Scribble?


This game has a leaderboard in the upper left corner of the screen, which honors the players with the highest scores. The top 10 players with the highest scores will be listed on this leaderboard. You try to destroy as many opponents as possible to get on the leaderboard. Prove your ability by getting a high position on the leaderboard!

Graphics design

This game has a pretty eye-catching graphic design. You will control a square block to conquer the territory. You can choose between 16 colors that the game offers. The colors that you can choose in the game are red, blue, green, yellow, and so on. The game is still continuing to develop new colors. Choose your favorite color for your character and dominate this map.

How to play Scribble


This is a multiplayer game, where you can play with many other players. Your goal in this game is to win as much territory as you can. Because the space in the game is limited, you have to attack other opponents and take their territory. When your opponent dies, their territory will turn into white land and you can take over it as your own. You use your skillful skills and destroy other opponents. You have to move quickly and make it your land. Don't be afraid to play and be the ruler in this game.

Competitive Gameplay

You can control a small square in this game to mark your territory by drawing a line-shaped tail. To claim ownership of these playing areas, you must form closed circles. You can attack other opponents and take their territory. When another player has not finished drawing a closed circle, you can attack them by stabbing their tail. However if you crash into them while they are in the territory, you will die and lose your territory. Conversely, when other players approach you, take caution. They might trap you so they can kill you by colliding with your tail. You pay attention to other players and control your character carefully to not die.

How to control: You use the mouse to control your character.

Scribble Maps

It is similar to Snake Game, this game will provide you with a mini-map. You can see other opponents moving on this map. You can also see enemy territories as well as open areas. You can base on this map to follow your positions and your enemies' position. It is essential to know this basic information. You can attack or avoid your opponents more easily. If you don't like multiplayer games, you can play Apple Worm or Geometry Dash Lite. Play and get the moment of fun in this game.

Tips and trick

This game has a limited area so you have to destroy other opponents to occupy their area. When your are attacked, you can hide in your territory to avoid the enemy. You take advantage when the opponent goes out to destroy and occupy their territory. You need to do everything quickly so that the opponent does not have time to counterattack.

You pay attention to the mini-map in the left corner of the screen to track the direction of the opponent's movement. From there, you find out which opponents are out of the territory and destroy them. Conversely, they can also take advantage of this map to track you, so be careful.

In addition, you pay attention to the summary table in the right corner of the screen to see who has the largest territory. You should destroy these opponents to recapture as much territory as you can. If you rank high on this leaderboard, be careful. Maybe you are falling prey to other competitors.


Is this an easy game?

Yes. This is a very simple game to play. You can control the character with the mouse.

Does this game entertain me?

Definitely. You will have moments of entertainment with this game. You can draw whatever you like and expand your territory.

Can children play this game?

Yes, they can. Moreover, it also helps them increase their reflex.

Is Scribble unblocked at school?

Yes, you can have a relaxing time with this game at school.

Can I play this game on my mobile?

Yes. This game is playable on mobile or desktop.