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Coloring Dolls


Some information about Coloring Dolls


Coloring Dolls is a fascinating coloring arcade game for kids. The game requests you to paint with your favorite color to complete the pictures.

In the game, there are a lot of pictures of dolls. You will become a coloring doll designer who can give colors to pictures. You must paint the pictures to make it become more eye-catching and attractive. Unlike Shape Shift Run, this game has many different pictures that make up different stages. It is similar to Touchdrawn and Apple Worm. You can color each picture you love. Let's color dolls' hair, dolls' body, and dolls' toys.

Moreover, in the color bar, you can select a lot of vivid colors. Let's become the creator with the most beautiful pictures of the dolls. Use all available tools to join the game. You will turn them into masterpieces. The game will make you become more creative and active. You will also practice your drawing ability through this game. Good luck!

The game is suitable for everyone because of its simple gameplay. You can invite your friends to join the game. The game will help you to relax and express stress. In addition, the graphics of the game are quite eye-catching. They will make you feel interested. You will no longer feel bored while playing this game. Besides, the sound of the game is pleasant. This sound makes you more focused when coloring or painting. You will be immersed in the colorful world.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to choose the colors.

Hold the left mouse to paint.

Click the sticker button to add more stickers.

Click the camera button to take a photo when completing.

Some items help you to complete the pictures in the game

Coloring tools

There are three kinds of coloring tools, including a set of coloring pencils, a set of paintbrushes, and a color roller brush. You can use one of them when coloring. You should use coloring pencils when you the border of the picture, which makes you avoid coloring on the outside. In addition, you can use paintbrushes to color faster. Finally, the color roller brush is an important tool for you. You can complete the picture in the shortest time. Each kind includes a lot of colors. Therefore, you can make the most brilliant pictures. Hope that you can enjoy the game.

Good eraser and the cleaning

With small mistakes, you should use the eraser to clean. An eraser is a fantastic tool for a colorist, assisting in creating small details, smoothing out color, and generally helping you to create the most beautiful coloring possible. you have to be very patient when using it because it cannot clean a large area at once.

When you want to clean all colors on the picture and color again, you can clean all colors quickly. Click the cloud to make the picture back to the original. It is the best way to clean all. You can play again with other favorite colors. You will save more time than using the eraser. Choose it to create a masterpiece again.

Some adorable stickers

There are some small cute stickers for you. Your pictures will become more attractive with them. Attach them to your paintings to make a difference. You can choose some stickers, such as flowers, glasses, stubbornness, fairies, etc. If you do not want to attach them, you can skip them. The stickers will not affect your picture. You can still create a satisfactory picture without any stickers. Make the right choice to ensure your painting is the best. In addition, each picture has different types of stickers. You can see more stickers in other pictures. Join the game now to experience them.

Some kinds of pictures

Coloring pictures

You will have several pre-drawn pictures for you. You will color and complete the picture. You will use tools to be able to color. These tools are listed above. Depending on your picture, you can select appropriate colors and tools to finish it. You can also choose your favorite color to make it attractive and eye-catching. You will have access to a variety of vibrant colors when completing this painting. This kind of picture will help you to practice your coloring skills.

Self-drawing pictures

With this kind of picture, you will paint your own pictures and color them. Can you create beautiful dolls? Use your creativity along with your rich imagination to create it. These paintings will require you to be meticulous and take more time to finish. If you are really passionate about art, then you should not miss it. Hope that you can complete this kind of picture. After that, you will improve your painting skills. Finally, you may not stop the game because of its interesting things. Have fun.