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Noteworthy information about Stabfish.io

The playing rules

Welcome to Stabfish.io which is a competitive io game. Collect as many green dots as possible to get a high score and attack other fish in the ocean.

This game will take you to a fight for food between fish in the ocean. In this fight, you need to swim around and eat as many green dots as possible. These green dots will help to increase your score and the length of your tusk. Moreover, you must gather green dots to fulfill the speed bar at the bottom of the screen. When it is full, you can boost your swimming speed. In addition to green dots, other fish are also very nutritious food for you. You should attack the fish with shorter tusks instead of the fish with longer tusks. Killing other fish will not only make your tusk longer and more powerful but also raise your score dramatically. Note that there are some events during the game. These events will be chosen at random. They will help to boost your body size or weapon size. Utilize these special events to defeat other stronger fish in the arena. The leaderboard at the top left of the screen will present the names, ranks, and scores of the five top players in the arena. It also shows your rank and score. Look at it to know what your score and rank are. Do your best to become the fish king and get the highest score and the first rank on the leaderboard. If you can do that, your picture will be presented in the Hall Of Fame which displays pictures of three top players.

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How to control

Use the mouse to control the fish.

Hold the left mouse to increase the speed.

Pro tips to become the strongest fish in Stabfish.io

Do not kill opponents constantly

If you murder three or more rivals constantly, you will become a wanted target in the arena. An announcement about you will appear at the top of the screen. At this time, many fish will pay attention to you and start to chase you. When you become the target of everyone in the arena, there is no chance for you to survive long. Therefore, after eliminating a rival, you should swim around and consume green dots instead of continuing to attack another fish.

Increase your speed whenever you are chased

In the arena, everyone is your opponent. They always want to eliminate you from the arena. If you find that anyone plans to attack you, do not fight against him or her. Instead, you must hold the left mouse button to increase your speed to escape. After that, your opponent is caught off guard, you can find a chance to ambush him or her.

Customize your character in Stabfish.io

Various skins

This game offers 42 skins classified into 13 families. They are the shark family, killer whale family, hammerhead family, whale family, manta ray family, puffer fish family, goldfish family, narwhal family, dumbo octopus family, moray eel family, sea turtle family, and stingray family. If you want to unlock them, you must score as many points as possible or kill as many enemies as you can. Besides, collecting many green dots or staying alive for the longest time are also ways to unlock these skins. Note that each skin will bring different benefits to you. For example, the Great White will increase your kill score by 15%. The Hammered Head will raise your speed by 25%. The Mantra Eay will boost your consumption by 50%. If you get a Beluga skin, the size of your weapon will rise by 15%. The Leatherback aids you in immuning the attack from behind. Furthermore, you can summon skins from another universe. This helps you get the coolest skins.

Collections of weapons, masks, and hats

There are many collections of weapons, masks, and hats in this game. There are four kinds of weapons in the weapon collection. They are classified from easy to hard. You must reach Stage 4 to unlock these weapons. Moreover, the mask collection includes 33 masks with different designs. They are divided into four kinds including Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. If you want to get them, you must open free gifts or unlock skins. Finally, the hat collection has 31 hats classified into five kinds which are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Like masks, the hats also can be unlocked by opening free gifts and unlocking skins. Let's choose your favorite weapon, mask, and hat to make your fish unique from others.