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Drift 3


About Drift 3

The rules of the game

In Drift 3, the captivating driving game, you must control a vehicle to compete against other players. Be the last person standing to win an endless race.

If you are a big fan of the driving game or become the second Jeff Gordon, you will be keen on this game. This game is a new version of the drifting game series with many new and attractive features. Firstly, you need to fill your name in the blank to start the game. You can choose your favorite car to inspire and motivate you to win the game. The car in the game has diverse colors and different styles. In the setting section, you can turn on or turn off the music and sound of the game. Turn off the tutorial mode and reset the game. If you are a beginner, you need to turn on this mode to see the instructions before starting this game. Turn on the music and sound of the game to have a fulfilled feeling.

In the game, you need to drive your car to overcome all the difficult corners and other racers. Press and hold to guide the direction of your car. Release to go back. You can eliminate your opponents by colliding with them to launch them into the air. However, be careful because your opponents also do that. You need to move carefully to avoid collision with them. You will see a minimap in the left corner at the top of the screen. You need to follow it and guide your car to find the way to go to the finish line. See your map and avoid all the dead ends if you want to become the victor. Your opponents are also shown on this map. Therefore, you can decide whether to avoid them or eliminate them.

This is an endless race. Therefore, try to get rid of all your enemies and stay as long as possible to become the last player. In the right corner at the top of the screen, you will see the leaderboard. You will see your rank and the rank of your enemies on it. If you want to rank a high position on it, you need to survive as long as possible and be the last player. The game will be over when you fall into deep space or become the last survivor. It is inspired by the Drift F1 game with the same controls. If you are bored with this game, you can play Apple Worm and Tap Tap Shots.

How to play

On the computer:

Press and hold your mouse or the SPACEBAR key to turn left

Release the mouse or the SPACEBAR key to turn right

On your mobile phone:

Touch the screen to turn left

Release to turn right

Some unknown information about Drift 3

Developer and platform

This game is developed by Greenlight company. It was published on 30th January 2023. You can play this game on all smart devices such as a computer, laptop, Mac, or phone.

Strategies of the game

  • There are a lot of dead ends in the game. If you go to it, you will fail. Therefore, you should choose to turn left or turn right to go the new direction instead of going until the dead end.
  • You don't need to overcome any obstacles on the road, but you need to eliminate a lot of opponents. The best choice for you is to drive the car in the middle of the track. When driving the car on this lane, you will be less likely to fall even when colliding with opponents.
  • Attack your enemies actively. In this fierce race, you need to have some collisions with them actively. Attack them or they will attack you first. To become the winner, the winner will be proactive.

Some remarkable things about Drift 3

Various cars

Compared to the previous versions, this version has more attractive music, themes, and cars. This game brings you tens of cars with a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. They are cars, police cars, ice cream trucks, fire engines, vans, trucks, etc. You can choose your favorite car when starting the game. You can choose it without paying anything. Choose the most colorful and attractive one to motivate you to become the winner in the game.

The rounds and maps

This is an endless race. It means that you don't have many levels. You just need to overcome all the enemies and stay in the game as long as possible to become the winner. You have 8 opponents that you need to defeat. The game will end if you fall into deep space or become the last survivor. The map in the game will be changed after you finish or reset a game. The map can not show you all the roads, but you can see the surrounding areas. You also can see your enemies and dead ends on it. It is so useful for you to avoid dead corners and defeat your opponents.